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Millstone to get on board with county shared services

Inmate labor program would help clean up township basins
BY JANE MEGGITT Correspondent

MILLSTONE — Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden spoke to the governing body about shared services and other topics at the Sept. 5 Township Committee meeting.

“We’re on an aggressive shared services campaign. Millstone participates in different ways,” he said.

Millstone will soon take advantage of the county’s shared services inmate labor program.

Township Administrator Tom Antus said the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be inspecting the township’s 250 catch basins and more than 100 detention basins in October. He added that no current employees in the municipality could even recall the last time this was done.

Mayor Nancy Grbelja said some people in the township have put rocks into basins, clogging them.

“I’m glad the EPA is coming,” she said.

Antus said using inmate labor is the only way the township could get the basins cleaned, since the town has a relatively small Department of Public Works.

Any inmates working in the township will be non-violent, first-time offenders, Golden said.

“Some are very skilled,” he stated, adding that inmate labor has provided 1,200 hours of service in the county this year.

According to a booklet provided to the committee, offenders incarcerated for minor offenses with records of good behavior, are eligible for the program. Inmates may participate in work projects as an alternative to spending time in jail, with the sheriff’s office providing transportation and security.

Golden said the sheriff’s office will have a display booth set up on Millstone Day, taking place Sept. 23 at Frogbridge Day Camp.

A youth identification program will be available on Millstone Day, he said, during which photos will be taken and child identification cards will be made for parents.

“Parents have the cards ready to go if anything happens,” Golden said.

He added that his office provides a similar service for seniors.

The sheriff’s office also conducts a 911 program for first-graders in all of the county’s elementary schools, he said, which teaches kids how to use the 911 system in an emergency. The program has reached 14,000 students in the county, said Golden, adding that his office also conducts drug awareness programs in schools.

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