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Vending machines would generate revenue for Upper Freehold

Local company proposes giving town 20-30 percent of snack and beverage sales
BY JANE MEGGITT Correspondent

Upper Freehold’s governing body will consider a proposal to install drink and snack machines at the Mark Harbourt Soccer Complex and the municipal building.

At the Sept. 15 Township Committee meeting, Michael Dubarry, a representative of Pinnacle Vending Group in Hamilton, discussed his proposal with committee members. Township Attorney Granville Michael Magee said the governing body would have to put out a request for bids if it decided to move forward with vending machine installation.

According to Dubarry, Pinnacle Vending Group vending machines accept credit cards, cash and coins, and his company establishes with the client a petty-cash account of approximately $15 to refund any customers experiencing problems with the equipment. When asked about liability in case of vandalism, Dubarry said the company would replace damaged equipment.

Dubarry said his company could install a machine within one business day, with the machine operational at delivery. He also said the company quickly responds to service calls, and is on call 24/7.

Dubarry said his company would give the township 20-30 percent of a machine’s revenue. He said he has accounts ranging from $50 to $1,000 per week, with revenue depending on the season and the type of activity at the facility where the machines are located. Contracts have various term lengths, with the typical term one year, he said. The municipality would have to pay for the electricity for the machines, which use about as much power as a refrigerator, according to Dubarry.

Committeeman Steve Alexander said some recreation groups in town earn revenue through sales at the park concession stand. Alexander said the proposal for vending machines is appealing, but more details are required.

When committee members asked about the current vending machine in the municipal building, Township Administrator Dianne Kelly said it does not work and is considered abandoned property. Magee suggested asking the township’s recreation commission for input regarding vending machines. Kelly said that installing vending machines at the soccer fields is a low priority right now, with winter approaching, but is something to consider for next spring.

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