2008-11-13 / Letters

Downtown Allentown store lives up to name

Our family could not possibly let one more Halloween pass by without extending a great big thank you to Heather Saracin and Jim Bruno at The Sweetest Things Candy Store in Allentown.

Each year they open the doors of their candy store to the throngs of young trick-or-treaters who line up from all over Allentown and Upper Freehold to pick any piece of candy they want from the shelves. As with every holiday, Heather and Jim put their hearts and souls into decorating the store, getting dressed up in costume and adding to the general merriment of the day.

When I was growing up we had Gunzelman's Store and Sam's Store — small mom-and-pop shops that sold penny candy as well as newspapers, lunchmeat and newspapers. Looking back, if we were lucky enough to have a nickel or quarter left over from lunch, we would feel as though we hit the jackpot being able to stuff our pockets with penny hotdog gum, jawbreakers or atomic fireballs. How lucky we were to move to Allentown and for our kids to have a similar experience.

The Sweetest Things Candy Store, La Piazza, Woody's and others, have so generously opened their doors to serve our children as customers, although most of the kids don't bring a whole lot of money with them when they patronize these places. It says something about the character of the store owners that they have had the patience to let our kids "hang out" and just be kids.

As they grow up, I know our kids will always remember these wonderful little shops in Allentown in the same way I fondly recall the experiences of my youth. Thank you to Heather and Jim for truly living up to your name — The Sweetest Things — as you really are in the hearts of so many children and parents. Lastly, in these difficult economic times and with holidays approaching, I hope everyone will remember to support the shops in our own little "Mayberry RFD" to help keep it that way.
Lynne Florio
Upper Freehold

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