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Datello will get down to business at Monmouth U.


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Breanna Datello
Breanna Datello MILLSTONE — Breanna Datello banked on Monmouth University and hit the jackpot.

The 18-year-old Millstone resident, who took part in the Examiner’s Dec. 2 series on high school students aspiring to get into college, set her sights on Monmouth University in West Long Branch and never looked back.

Unlike many of her peers, Datello chose to apply to only one school, and on Dec. 27, her decision paid off.

“I applied for early decision,” Datello said. “I had other schools I could have applied to, but I decided to wait until I found out. I was away skiing when my mom called me and told me that I was accepted.”

Datello, who attends Allentown High School (AHS) has a 3.0 grade-point average and scored a 1080 on the SATs, plans to major in business finance and minor in accounting. She will be the first in her immediate family to attend college.

“I want to be a stockbroker and work on Wall Street,” Datello said. “I would ultimately love to take over my father’s business.”

Datello said she developed a strong business interest partly because her father, Leonard, who owns his own car dealership in Long Island, N.Y.

“It’s an ideal job,” Datello said. “The whole aspect of running a business interests me.”

Prior to taking Advanced Placement (AP) macroeconomics at AHS, Datello said she wanted to teach math in a postsecondary school.

“In high school, I began learning about different aspects of business,” Datello said, “and then decided what path I would take for my education.”

Her interest in business and finance got her into a pilot program through her school called Entrepreneurial Business Academy (EBA) along with nine other AHS students. To graduate from the program, Datello attended four seminars about leadership, management, the Wall Street Journal and on-line business.

When asked if she ever worried about her decision to only apply to one school, Datello said, “I was pretty confident I would get in. [But] I did get nervous when I read in the paper that Monmouth University wanted to up their standards and go Ivy League.”

Datello said she let the school know she really wanted to go there.

“Everyone there knew that it was the only school I applied to,” Datello said. “I visited there quite often.”

Datello chose Monmouth University for its business and finance curriculum, as well as for its proximity to home.

“I’m going to live at home because I’m very close to my family,” she said, “and I don’t want to miss any part of my 2-year-old brother growing up.”

Tuition will cost her family $20,000 per year, according to Datello. She will not receive any financial aid, but said she will save $10,000 per year living at home.

Her mother, Michelle, whose other children are 12-year-old Lenny and 2-year-old Vincent, is somewhat concerned about being able to afford college, Datello said.

Datello’s advice to others going through the college application process is to visit and begin applying to schools early, take the SATs as many times as possible and try to decide what to study.

“A lot of my friends are still undecided as to what they want to do,” Datello said.

“High school goes fast,” she said, “and at the end it’s just easier if you know what direction you want to head in.”

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